Proton Radiotherapy Verification and Dosimetry Applications

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Professor Nigel Allinson, MBE

Professor Nigel AllinsonNigel Allinson; Project Director and Principal Investigator – University of Lincoln 

Nigel has made major advancements in medical imaging, in particular improving the detection and treatment of diseases such as cancer through the real-time monitoring of tumours, and leading teams to develop some of the world's largest imaging devices for radiology.

Nigel has worked extensively across disciplines within and outside the sciences and engineering in both academia and commerce, and has contributed extensively to UK Government and Research Council activities - notably in the recent OSI review of science across the Home Office and Ministry of Justice, and was the only external board member of the STFC Centre for Instrumentation.

Professor Allinson is a member of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the European X-ray Free Electron Laser at Hamburg, international panel member for the Hong Kong University Grants Committee Research Assessment Exercise, member of EPSRC College, and panel member and chair, and member of the UK-USA Bilateral Group on security issues.

He has co-founded five spin-off companies based on his group's research.

Nigel has significant involvement with the media both in front and behind the camera/microphone, including BBC Tomorrow's World and Material World, as well as judge for the Royal Television Society Awards. 

Research interests include:

  • Image engineering in particular pattern recognition, data visualisation and image acquisition and compression
  • Imaging devices and systems for scientific x-ray instrumentation and analytical chemical and life-science applications
  • Video compression and transmission over low-bandwidth channels
  • Theory and application of self-organising and neural structures
  • Development of intelligent decision systems based on human cognitive mechanisms - for example, face recognition from poor quality video.

Tel: 01522 837710

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